Saturday, June 26, 2010

Press Release via PRWeb - Just Three Lines by Sheila Vijayan

Just Three Lines: The Magic of Ordinary Things through the Simplicity of Words Via Haiku for Young Readers.

Just Three Lines by Sheila Vijayan presents delightfully written haiku that will not only stimulate its readers to appreciate the smaller things in life, but also spark their enthusiasm for poetry in general.

LAKE FOREST, CA, JUNE X, 2010: Recently published by RoseDog Books (an imprint of Dorrance Publishing), the title of author Sheila Vijayan’s haiku book, Just Three Lines, depicts the basic attribute of a haiku – a Japanese verse written in just three lines.

Sheila uses the amusing haiku to poetically describe everyday situations. The vibrant illustrations accompanying the haiku will also attract the attention of any boy or girl. All the interesting rules of haiku applied in Just Three Lines are listed in the preface section for the convenience of readers just beginning to explore haiku.

In her review of Just Three Lines, Dr. Ruzy Hashim, a professor in the School of Language Studies and Linguistics at the National University of Malaysia states that “the joy of biting into a blueberry muffin, the taste of lemonade on a breezy afternoon, or trying to beat the waves while making sandcastle are small pleasures of life that are taken for granted. By including these elements in Just Three Lines, Sheila gives young readers a chance to recapture the joys of simpler things in their lives.”

Young readers exposed to different poetic forms such as haiku will get to realize how fascinating and engaging poetry is. Students learning syllable count in school will find Just Three Lines useful and adults reading the collection to a child will find the illustrations helpful in attracting the child’s interest.

About the Author
Sheila got acquainted with Classical English and Asian English Literature while majoring in English Language Studies. Just Three Lines is how she encapsulates her awe for both the literary worlds and motherhood – her bubbly toddler reminds her that sometimes, it is inspiring to see things in a simple, childlike manner. Sheila lives in Southern California with her wonderful husband and their little champ!
Title: Just Three Lines

Author: Sheila Vijayan

Reading Level: Ages 4-12

Publication Date: June, 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4349-9902-3
(9”x6”, Hardcover, $15.00, 30 pages with 10 colored illustrations)

ISBN: 978-1-4349-5342-1
(Downloadable E-book in .pdf format, $10.00)

Just Three Lines is available online at RoseDog bookstore ( and Amazon ( For all other information and/or to purchase the book directly from the author (free shipping within the U.S), please contact:

Sheila Vijayan


Phone: (949) 981-3029

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